Affordable Eco-Friendly Service


We offer three (3) types of cleaning:
• Deep Clean
Provides routine maintenance for rugs & carpets cleaned every 3-5 years.
Deep Clean rates are very reasonable at only $3.00 per square foot.
Includes free pickup and delivery in the Minneapolis – St Paul metropolitan area.
• Deep Clean Plus*
Suggested for rugs & carpets located in high-traffic areas or with food-beverage stains.
Deep Clean Plus begins at $4.00 per square foot.
Includes free pickup and delivery in the Minneapolis – St Paul metropolitan area.
• Extreme Clean*
Primarily for heavily soiled rugs & carpets or removing pet stains and odor, as well as mold and mildew.
Extreme Clean begins at $6.00 per square foot.
Includes free pickup and delivery in the Minneapolis – St Paul metropolitan area.
*Our soaking pool and tank allows for cleaning and sanitizing both sides of rugs & carpets with gentle care.
Cleaning your Oriental Rugs properly can enhance their look, life and value. From our experience, most carpet and wall-to-wall cleaning companies do not specialize in the cleaning of Oriental Rugs. If you decide to try to clean your own Oriental Rugs, you should be completely familiar with the process and be sure to test the dyes for color fastness.

Pick Up & Delivery

We offer FREE pickup & delivery on cleaning within the Minneapolis – St. Paul metropolitan area.
Pick up & delivery available for other areas. Rates dependent upon location and size of order.
Please feel welcome to contact us for schedules and rates (if applicable). Ask for Mo, not Larry.

Covid-19 Policy
In addition to contact-free pickup and delivery, we offer assisted removal or placement at the time of pick up or delivery. We adhere to the use of masks, hand-sanitizer and social distancing. “assisted removal or placement” and one or two person policy.


Repair & Restoration

When considering repair or restoration, evaluate the cost of the repair or restoration to the value and your personal attachment to the rug or carpet. Please see Identification & Evaluation below.
Only allow a reputable and knowledgeable craftsman or weaver to restore or repair your Oriental Rugs. The most common repairs we do at our gallery are re-fringing ends and over-casting sides.
After an older or well-used rug is cleaned, you may notice some white areas. Dirt is good at covering up worn areas on your rug. There are restoration options to enhance the appearance.
Please feel welcome to contact us for additional information. Once again, ask for Mo, not Larry.

Identification & Evaluations

No two handmade Oriental rugs or carpets are exactly the same. Materials, weave, dyes, age, origin and condition are some of the characteristics we examine when making a determination.
We charge $75.00 for identification and market evaluation. This fee is waived on cleaning and restoration orders.

Rug Care Tips

Maintaining the beauty of your Oriental Rugs

• Vacuum your Oriental Rugs regularly, being sure to go back and forth in the same direction over the entire rug (avoiding the fringes).
• If vacuuming with a beater brush, we suggest setting the brush so it just touches the top of the pile and moves easily across the rug.
• When vacuuming with a carpet tool, ease the suction of the vacuum by adjusting it accordingly.
• Be sure to periodically vacuum the back of the rug.
Rotate Your Rugs
• Rotating your rugs will allow them to wear more evenly, helping to maintain their original appearance and value.
• Rotate your Oriental Rugs as often as possible, at least every one (1) to two (2) years).
• Rotating helps keep the high traffic areas of your rug from starting to look dirty, or the nap losing its original direction or shape.
• Also, rotate your rugs according to the amount of direct sunlight. Over time direct sunlight can fade the dyes.


Padding will help stabilize and protect your Oriental Rug’s shape, enhancing the value and making your rug safer to walk on.
We have investigated many different types and qualities of padding. Please feel welcome to contact us for suggestions. Yet again, ask for Mo, not Larry.

Spot Cleaning

Certain stains such as coffee, colas, juices, animal, medicines, milk, foods and some dyes require immediate attention for best results.
• First, remove any solid materials from the area and then immediately blot the area with a clean dye-free towel. Do not rub the spot.
• Some specialized cleaning services suggest blotting the stained area with club soda or a mixture of one part white vinegar and one part cold water, then blot dry, but don’t rub.
Caution: Some Oriental Rug dyes can bleed upon contact with moisture, so we don’t recommend adding moisture before identifying the dye types for color fastness.
• Before the stained area completely dries,lightly comb the pile so that it direction ally blends with the rest of the rug.