If you do not know oriental rugs…

you should really know your oriental rug dealer.


M.R. ‘Mo” Kazempour is a fourth-generation dealer in oriental rugs and carries on the family tradition that he first learned working in his father’s shop. Mr. Kazempour’s willingness to share his knowledge and promote honorable business practices is the foundation of his family’s business.

The Kazempour family began weaving, repairing and cleaning Persian carpets over 130 years ago.  Eventually, this expanded into a gallery setting and, after acquiring a coveted export license, developed a devoted European clientele.

“As young boys, my brother and I played on the stacks of rugs in our father’s shop. Soon, we were working with inventory and meeting with customers. My brother was studying overseas when my father handed me the shop keys and said, ‘I have business in Germany and will be back in three weeks.’ When my father returned, the shop was still standing and everything was running smoothly. He seemed pleased.” – M.R. Kazempour

M.R. Kazempour arrived in Minnesota to study business. Following graduation, he opened his Minneapolis-St. Paul shop in 1991 and continues to live and work in the Twin Cities, as do his children.

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