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Size 1.8×1.11

The Afshar are one of the great weaving tribes of Persia. Originally one of the Ohguz Turkmen Confederation the moved to Persia and Turkey at a early date.

Afshar is a dialect of Southern Azeri. It is a Turkic language and represents the early history and the tribal nature of the people we know as Afshar. At this point in time with muddled or non-existent tribal structures it is helpful to use a linguistic basis to make attributions. The Afshari were a major Turkic confederation from the days of at least the Timurid dynasty to the Khajar dynasty. They are found in Kerman, Khorasan Turkey and Northwest Persia (East and West Azerbaijan) They weave attractive small format Persian tribal rugs. Afshar weavers also produce the finest grade of Bijars.

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Sarouk Persian Circa (2.6×2.8)

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Size  2.6×2.8

Located in West Central Persia, Sarouk was a weaving region renowned in the 19th century for its high quality, artistically distinctive carpets. The Mahajiran Sarouk style dates from the turn of the 20th century and is acknowledged as the very finest quality of vintage Sarouk rugs.

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Choobie Sultanabad Hand-Kotted (2×3)

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Size: 2×3

These rugs are rather modern, production began in the 1990s between Pakistan and Afghanistan and, in a relatively short time, achieved worldwide success. Both the patterns and workmanship have their roots in late 19th century Persia. They were based on the Ziegler rugs, named for the company with headquarters in Manchester that exported Persian rugs and had established its business offices in the Persian city of Sultanabad. Ziegler commissioned the local rug-makers to produce rugs with designs, and in sizes, created specifically for the western markets. The main distinguishing feature of the rugs made today in Pakistan and Afghanistan is the material. The wools are hand spun and tinted according to the traditional methods using natural dyes.. This gives the finished rug a special patina and a certain unevenness of colour that becomes a fundamental decorative element. These rugs are known by different names on the European market, names that are often related to the type of pattern or materials used. The great success of these rugs can be ascribed to the beautiful designs and elegant, muted and harmonious colours that make them suited to a great variety of t varied interior decorating schemes from the classical to the most modern and trendy.

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Tibetan Hand-Kotted (2×3)

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Size 2×3

Ancient weaving techniques of the Tibetan Collection. The geometric patterns, floral and retro imagery of Tibetan area rugs are masterfully accented with subtle shimmering hues and neutral earth tones. Made of pure premium wool and hand-knotted for the ultimate in luxury and durability.

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Balouch Persian Hand-Kotted (2×3.2)

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Size:   2×3.2

For many centuries Persian rugs have been a staple in Persian culture and art forms. The complexity of the deigns is what makes them so beautiful. Designs can be anything from pictorial, florals, traditional, and other various styles. Their beauty captures the traditions of Iran throughout history. Our Persian rugs always use natural dyes to create their sharp coloring.

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Gabbeh Hand Knotted (2×3′)

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It has a soft wool pile with a wool foundation. Colored using all natural vegetal dyes, this rug features a red field with tribal design elements.

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Chobi Zeigler Mahal Hand Knotted (2×3)’

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Chobi rugs are traditionally from the border region of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The word “chobi” itself is Farsi for “color like wood.” They are all hand knotted of hand spun vegetable dyed ghazni wool. Natural Dye Chobis are renowned for their lanolin-rich luster and stunning natural coloring. The natural dyeing techniques have been refined over the years to ensure a natural dye that is steadfast and long-lasting.

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Kazak design 100% wool hand knotted

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Kazak Rugs are popular for their stunning geometric designs & high quality dyes. Kazak patterns tend to be red, yellow/green and blue. Designs include, but are not limited to animals, flowers, medallions, & iconic figures such as geometric people/ and animals & symbolic motifs.

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